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Mutual Funds

Gilbert Financial Services Ltd. gives you access to over 70 of the most reputable professionally managed fund in the Canadian financial marketplace. We will help you select and refine a suitable mix of money market, income funds, equity funds, and foreign equity that make sense for you.

*Only Mutual fund products are offered and regulated through Global Maxfin Investments Inc

Segregated Funds

To further protect your nest, we can offer you some or all guaranteed principal of your investment with 75% at maturity or 100% death benefit. Like mutual funds, this investment diversifies your money within a fund that suits your investment style and risk profile. While considering your full financial picture, we can help you decide if Segregated Funds are right for you.

Universal Life Insurance

While it’s not right for every investor, permanent life insurance is advantageous for those who expect a heavy tax bill upon redemption or those who wish to protect their legacy. Regardless of how your health circumstances change during your investment, Universal Life insures that your money grows tax-deferred and promises a guaranteed payout.

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