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Even with the most careful planning, life is often left to chance. Whatever your circumstances, we believe in protecting against life’s unexpected turns.

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The choice between Term, Whole, or Universal Insurance is more about you than it is the underlying policy. We help you determine which insurance is best for you by considering your finances, your health, and of course, your loved ones.


Income forfeited while healing from an accident can result in a significant and unplanned erosion of wealth. Whether you are self-employed or a business professional, Disability Insurance gives you income protection in your critical income earning years.

Critical Illness

The emotional and physical burden of a critical illness is a heavy burden to manage. Beyond these, the financial costs can be detrimental to your livelihood. Critical Illness Insurance allows you to focus on you and your family to focus on treatment and recovery without sacrificing your assets and financial wellbeing.

Long Term Care

In our youth and health, it is easy to take the day-to-day for granted. Long Term Care Insurances provides you an income style benefit when you can no longer care for yourself. It also helps reduce the burden on your family members, and in some cases, can enable you to stay in your family home for longer by providing you with the cash flow to hire in-home care.


Exploring the globe is a rite of passage after your children have grown and started their careers and families. It’s important to remember, emergency medical attention abroad is extremely costly. Travel Insurance is available as an add-on to safeguard your finances by protecting you and your travelling companions against unforeseen illness and accidents.

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